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    — Superior Products —

    Brand Introduction

    ARD Heat Exchanger (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is the authorized production plant of the British ARD Group in China, focusing on the development and production of detachable plate heat exchangers. ARD Erics specializes in the production of detachable plate heat exchangers (PHE), heat exchanger gaskets (PHE GASKET), heat exchanger plates (PHE PLATE) and the provision of plate heat exchanger maintenance services (PHE MAINTENANCE). Heat exchanger manufacturers.

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    Advantages and Characteristics

    ※ British brand British technology
           ※ Imported raw materials
           ※ Localized price
           ※ Fast response and after-sales service

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    Raw Material Supplier

    Raw materials are selected from well-known foreign brands to meet your different working conditions.
           Sealing material: DuPont, Germany, LANXESS, etc. are selected.
           Plate material: selected from South Korea's Pohang, Japan's Kobe, metallurgy, Nippon Steel, the United States Hastelloy and so on.

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    —  CASE  —

    Want to know more?

    Contact your local contacts for more information. In addition, please feel free to email us.

    Record number : Su ICP No. 18066847-1

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